Canine Boarding at Elmhurst Animal Care Center

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, dog-boarding facilities are open seven days a week to accommodate all owner schedules. All suites are state-of-the-art, equipped with heating and air conditioning, as well as superior ventilation systems that change the air 12 times each hour.

Boarding includes playtime, treats, naps, and meals, featuring advanced Science Diet food or any food that the owner supplies for the pet. Elmhurst Animal Care Center’s veterinarians supply constant supervision and all grooming, vaccinations, or medical services can be performed while your dog is boarded at the center. You have two boarding options for your dog at Elmhurst Animal Care Center. Dog suites provide a bright environment with skylights and epoxy flooring for easy cleanup and guaranteed cleanliness. Dogs sleep on lambskin bedding, enjoy music from AM and FM radio stations, and have access to an extra-large outdoor exercise area, complete with benches for resting. Room service employees bring meals directly to your dog, eliminating any chance of competition with other boarded canines.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center’s Lake Shore Suites offer all the comforts of home with a large, private living space and private exercise courtyards. Satellite television and radio furnish constant entertainment options. If you board your dog in the Lake Shore Suites, you will receive a daily report card of your dog’s activities and behavior. If you wish to view Elmhurst Animal Care Center’s facilities before boarding your dog, call to schedule an appointment. Be sure to make reservations for you dog as soon as possible. Animals that stay three nights are more are given a complimentary bath!