Pet Nutrition

Maintaining proper nutrition for a dog or cat remains a pet owner’s primary responsibility. A good diet contains a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, protein, and other substances, while a poor mixture of these ingredients can lead to skin diseases and other serious problems. At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, located in Elmhurst, Illinois, we work with dog and cat owners to determine the type of food and how much works best for a pet’s physical and mental well-being.

A dog or cat’s first year of life remains one of the most significant in establishing a proficient diet. Pet owners should discuss with their veterinarians exactly what their animals need. Puppies and kittens in particular require extra protein, calcium, and phosphorus to encourage the proper development of bones, muscles, and teeth. Of the three types of commercially produced foods–dry, semi-moist, and moist (canned)–it remains necessary to examine the different brands and purchase one created with high-quality ingredients to encourage better digestion.

For adult and senior pets, maintaining good health remains just as vital as for young animals. An adult dog or cat requires a diet tailored to its lifestyle. Adult pets need food that builds up their immune systems, reducing the threat of various illnesses. Once a pet reaches its senior years–seven years and older–it requires even more special attention regarding nutrition in order to prevent weight gain and encourage proper digestion.

Using a qualified vet nutritionist at each stage of the dog or cat’s life may lead to a longer, happier existence for the animal. At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, veterinarians work with pet owners at annual checkups to determine if the diet and exercise they are providing their dog or cat works or not. At each examination, Elmhurst Animal Care Center’s vets and technicians take into account the dog or cat’s age, lifestyle, and overall health when working with its owner.