Overnight Veterinary Care at Elmhurst Animal Care Center

With several skilled veterinarians on staff at Elmhurst Animal Care Center, pets benefit from well-educated employees who are willing to work around the clock to keep them healthy and happy. A veterinarian remains on call throughout the night in case of any emergency in the overnight care center, while veterinary assistants visit the rooms of boarded pets several times each night to check on the dogs, cats, and other animals. These pets, some of which may be recovering from surgery or other treatment, often require a level of care that reaches into the night, when they may become lonely or afraid. Once stress is added to the condition of a recovering animal, it may slow the recovery process. In order to abolish unnecessary anxiety, the trained individuals who work the overnight shift give quality care and veterinary attention to every boarded pet throughout the night.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center also offers intensive care treatment rooms for pets that require oxygen or fluid therapy; pets in need of such services remain in these state-of-the-art rooms until they are out of medical danger and well enough to go home. The pet experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center visit the intensive care units frequently, delivering treatment, screening the condition of each pet patient, and collecting lab samples.

Pets in need of veterinary care for any length of time are invited to board at the Elmhurst Animal Care Center. New clients can even receive the first night of standard boarding free. For more information about Elmhurst Animal Care Center, or to take advantage of the first-night boarding special, visit the veterinary clinic’s official website at www.elmhurstanimalcarecenter.com.