Pet Grooming at Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Classic Husky Grooming, Posted by akaporn

Offering its grooming services to all breeds of cats and dogs, Elmhurst Animal Care Center employs knowledgeable and experienced professionals dedicated to providing a comfortable and gentle experience for your pet. Elmhurst Animal Care Center’s modern, clean, and fully equipped facilities are open six days a week, by appointment. In luxury bathing stations, your dog or cat experiences a therapeutic bath, complete with a medicated soap that soothes skin, removes dirt and debris, and eliminates accumulated pet odor. Baths relieve your pet of itchy skin and keeps its coat shiny, soft, and free of matting. Elmhurst Animal Care Center can bathe your pet with de-skunking agents or anti-flea and tick treatments, if desired.

After a bath, the skilled groomers at Elmhurst Animal Care Center trim your dog or cat’s fur according to the needs of each breed. Grooming services also include coat conditioning, styling, safe pet cologne, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. At the end of the process, Elmhurst Animal Care Center will even give your pet a fashionable bow or bandanna.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center additionally performs nail trimming, since the process is delicate and often difficult, depending on your pet’s temperament. Cutting into the pet’s quick causes pain and often significant blood loss for your pet, making it a task best accomplished by professionals. While you can easily see the quick in pets with white nails, animals with dark nails require extra attention and discretion. Feel free to talk with the groomers at Elmhurst Animal Care Center about the nail trimming process, especially if you wish to learn how to trim your pet’s nails at home.