The Basics of Grooming a Cat

Located in Illinois, Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides pet owners with high-quality veterinary care and support. In addition to the many preventative and surgical care services that Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides, it also offers quality pet grooming services for all breeds of cats and dogs.

Regular grooming of pets is an important part of pet care. Although cats groom themselves daily, it is still important to brush and groom them thoroughly. When grooming a cat, owners should make sure the process is enjoyable for the cat. If grooming is not yet a regular activity, it is best to start with shorter sessions, lasting only around five minutes, and gradually increase the duration as the cat adjusts to grooming.

Grooming requirements vary slightly, depending on whether a cat has long or short fur. For a shorthaired cat, a grooming pad, bristle brush, and fine-toothed flea comb are necessary, while longhaired cats typically need wide-toothed combs and a grooming pad. Owners should begin grooming when the cat is relaxed, starting with brushing the stomach and legs on longhaired cats and simply brushing from head to tail on shorthaired cats. It is important to brush a cat in the direction that its hair falls.