Elmhurst Animal Care Center: Puppies and Worm Prevention

Offering a full range of pet services, including vaccinations, grooming, boarding, and dental care, Elmhurst Animal Care Center serves the Elmhurst, Illinois, community. Veterinarians on staff have expertise in puppy and kitten care, and they offer vaccines, nutritional advice, and parasite and disease prevention tailored to the needs of rapidly growing pets.

Parasites are of particular concern in puppies, which are fragile compared with adult dogs. In addition to external parasites such as ticks and fleas, internal parasites such as worms are a major concern. Worms are extremely common in puppies, with many developing roundworms while in the womb or through nursing. Other worms of concern are heartworms, which are transmitted by mosquitoes, and tapeworms, which are transmitted by fleas. Whipworms and hookworms are commonly present in the soil that puppies love to dig in.

For very young puppies, Elmhurst Animal Care Center recommends a broad-spectrum de-wormer that will eliminate worms at the early infestation stages. As puppies mature, they should be regularly tested for worms, because infestations can be nearly symptomless until the later, more serious stages.

Benefits of CO2 Laser Surgery

With a practice founded on the latest technology available for veterinary medicine, Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers customized care for pets. The center has many pet care experts and in-house veterinarians to take care of animals’ needs. One of the services that Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers is veterinary surgery using a CO2 surgical laser.

Laser surgery can be used for elective surgeries like neutering/spaying, feline declawing, and other types of surgeries like wound repair and tumor removal. Compared to traditional surgical methods, this procedure offers several benefits, including the following:

– Less pain for the pet since the laser seals the nerve endings, which effectively blocks the pain.

– The CO2 laser does not touch the skin, so it does not cause bruises. Thus, pets can recover faster.

– The laser also seals the blood vessels and sterilizes the wound incision. This reduces the bleeding and lessens risk of infection.