Benefits of CO2 Laser Surgery

With a practice founded on the latest technology available for veterinary medicine, Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers customized care for pets. The center has many pet care experts and in-house veterinarians to take care of animals’ needs. One of the services that Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers is veterinary surgery using a CO2 surgical laser.

Laser surgery can be used for elective surgeries like neutering/spaying, feline declawing, and other types of surgeries like wound repair and tumor removal. Compared to traditional surgical methods, this procedure offers several benefits, including the following:

– Less pain for the pet since the laser seals the nerve endings, which effectively blocks the pain.

– The CO2 laser does not touch the skin, so it does not cause bruises. Thus, pets can recover faster.

– The laser also seals the blood vessels and sterilizes the wound incision. This reduces the bleeding and lessens risk of infection.