Summertime Health Risks for Cats

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, pets receive personalized care and attention from qualified, experienced staff. Additionally, pet owners can receive expert advice on a wide variety of topics, such as how to keep pets healthy and happy year-round, including during the summer.

Summer, with its hot temperatures, can present many challenges to pets and their owners. While many people understand the hazard that summertime heat poses to dogs, others may not realize that summer heat can be dangerous for cats too.

The hot-weather risks to cats include heat stroke, particularly for outdoor cats. Therefore, pet owners might want to bring their cats inside in very hot weather. However, it is possible for cats to get heat stroke indoors, if the temperature inside the house is too high or not well regulated. Pet owners should make sure the house is kept at a comfortable temperature and that cats have plenty of water to drink.

Pet owners should also be mindful of other summertime hazards, such as fleas and heart-worm-carrying mosquitoes. In addition, since animals tend to be active outdoors in good weather, cats might be more likely to come in contact with other neighborhood cats. Therefore, it is important to make sure that they have received all their shots and have been neutered or spayed.