The Importance of Dental Care for a Cat or Dog

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, pet owners discover the benefits to preventative dental care in animals. Like humans, dogs and cats are subject to plaque and tartar build up. The difference is that pets do not get cavities; instead an infection builds and can travel into the blood.

Every year, a pet should undergo a dental examination to check the condition of the teeth and gums. Cleanings are another important step. Pets receive general anesthesia prior to the cleaning that includes scaling the teeth, polishing them, and then the administration of a fluoride treatment.

Home care is important, too. Pet owners should brush their pet’s teeth regularly. Chew toys designed to remove plaque help, and so does a healthy diet.

Preventative dental care is the first step in keeping a pet’s teeth healthy. Elmhurst Animal Care Center also recommends watching for the signs of periodontal disease. Pet owners should notify their veterinarian if they notice their pet has loose teeth, bloody or swollen gums, or difficulty eating.