Three Benefits to Having a Pet Spayed or Neutered

Elmhurst Animal Care Center is a partner in pet care. Puppies and kittens are cute, but they come with a lifetime of needs that a pet owner must meet. These needs range from vaccinations and veterinary care to grooming and feeding. One of the biggest expenses that a pet owner faces is spaying or neutering surgery. While this is a major expense, it is one that provides a number of benefits for both the pet and the pet owner.

An unspayed cat or dog is more likely to develop mammary cancer and uterine infections. Mammary cancer is fatal for five out of ten dogs, and nine out of ten cats. Uterine infections can also be fatal.

Male cats urinate all over the interior and exterior of a home or yard. Neutering the cat helps eliminate this bothersome habit.

When a female cat goes in heat, she becomes very noisy, urinates outside the litter box, and presents herself to anyone who walks by. Spaying the cat ends the heat cycle.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center uses CO2 laser in all surgeries. Benefits include less bleeding, less pain, and quicker recoveries.