How Compounded Medications Benefit Pets

Illinois-based Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides comprehensive services for pets in the local area. In addition to treating the full range of animal health conditions, Elmhurst Animal Care Center has an onsite pharmacy that offers commercial and compounded medications. With a compounding approach, a pharmacy professional can adjust medications to tailor them to a pet’s specific needs.

Compounding plays an important role in pet health care. Often, a compounded prescription features a special flavor to mask the taste of the medicine and ensure that the pet will be willing to take it. In addition, pharmacy professionals can adjust the dosage of a standard medication to suit the size of the animal patient. Experts in veterinary compounding can also change the form of a medication, such as converting a pill or capsule to a liquid.

When required, a compounding pharmacist can prepare a prescription for a medication that is no longer commercially available, but still needed by a small set of animals. By working with a veterinary practice that supports compounding, pet owners can ensure that their four-legged family members receive the specialized care they need.