About Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Serving the community of Elmhurst, Illinois, Elmhurst Animal Care Center dedicates itself to the health and well-being of dogs, cats, and other animals. Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers a host of medical services to pet owners. Equipped with the latest technology, Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides laboratory testing that includes a variety of blood tests designed to detect, diagnose, and care for serious illness. A Blood Chemistry Profile exam enables the staff at Elmhurst Animal Care Center to monitor electrolytes and blood sugar. A Blood Cell Count test provides a view of the numbers and types of blood cells in circulation. Elmhurst Animal Care Center also treats heartworm disease, which transmits to dogs and cats through the bites of mosquitoes carrying microscopic heartworm larvae. Heartworms thrive in the areas surrounding an animal’s heart and lungs. Heartworm infestation can lead to kidney and lung damage, as well as heart and liver failure if left untreated. Through the administration of injections, as well as oral and topical medications, Elmhurst Animal Care Center can prevent heartworm disease. Elmhurst Animal Care Center determines the most effective means of treatment after a thorough examination of the animal. If the animal exhibits signs of heartworm infection, such as lethargy, weight loss, and difficulty breathing, Elmhurst Animal Care Center employs diagnostic tests, such as ultrasound and X-rays, to ascertain the extent of an existing illness. In addition to the extensive range of services provided by the staff, Elmhurst Animal Care Center keeps a well-stocked, in-hospital pharmacy. Elmhurst Animal Care Center can even supplement pet medication with flavor, resulting in easier administration and ensured digestion. Aside from medication, Elmhurst Animal Care Center stocks prescription diets, which aid in the prevention and treatment of certain medical conditions. More information about Elmhurst Animal Care Center, including directions to the facility, hours of operation, and frequently asked questions, can be found at www.elmhurstanimalcarecenter.com.